The GOLD CUP - Oulton Park

Well it was actually my first time at the GOLD CUP as i was unable to make it last year and i must say, i had a blast. 

I was with friends with similar interests (basically cars, cars and more cars) and was able to get a bit more practice in with my new DSLR camera.

The day started early as i am the one who lives farthest away and so the day for me started at 5:30am, on the road for 6:30am and with traffic being mildly kind to me i arrived at the 8am meeting point at 8:07am. A 20 minute chat while waiting for another to show up and we were then going through the gates of Oulton Park around 8:30am ready to erect our tent (we had our own stand prepared). I was able to eat, relax and surround myself with cars and racing, what more is needed?


Anglesey Group B Rally - Paul Sheard.

Sunday i headed to Wales (Anglesey to be precise) to the Group B Rally stages, it was a long drive but was well worth it.

I was there to watch the rally stages and take pictures of all of the competitors, pictures below. It was a very good day in all, lots of rally cars both big and small competing and each of them doing a layout that had been set around the three separate courses that Anglesey has to offer (GT, intermediate  and coastal). I'll be writing more about the whole day once i have sorted through the 1200 photos that i took but for now here are a set of about 40 photos that i was able to download and check.


Silverdale Gun Club

Well during my recent trip to Canada i stopped by (as you would) Silverdale Gun Club. Well first of all in my previous trips to canada and America ive have visited a few gun clubs and during that time i had immense fun.


This time at Silverdale Gun Club i had the pleasure of being shown around by Danny and whilst being shown around i found out that the guns that i was going to be shooting actually belonged to him personally. 

To start with i shot a few rounds from a Glock 17 followed by a few shot of another 9mm, after the 9mm handguns i then proceeded to shoot an AR15 followed by and M10 (i think thats correct) and then an SKS and last but not least a 50cal Sniper Rifle! 

i must say that apart from the 50cal Sniper rifle my favourite was the AR15 (although the scope on the M10 was a lot better), its true what they say, a good scope can make a lot of difference just like a good lense on a camera can make a world of difference. 

I didn't take too many pictures but i did get Danny to take a video of me firing the 50cal Sniper and all I've got to say about that is that it is a very good idea to wear ear protection. I unfortunately forgot ear protection and dear lord it was loud, not just loud but the pressure wave it gave off, 1 kept setting of the pressure heaters and knocking them out and two distorted the sound around you for a few seconds. Below are a few pictures and the video of said 50cal. 


Enjoy (i know i did)!

Above you can see me shooting the AR15 (the last picture you can see a casing from a bullets being expelled away) and below are pictures of the 50cal sniper.

Lastly is the video of me shooting the 50cal, big thanks to Danny who took the video for me and for showing me around the whole time i was there (also for letting me shoot his guns).


Well iv been waiting a while (it also been a while since i last posted here) but i just did my sunday checks and i noticed a new Mighty Car Mods upload, so of course i have had to watch it. 

Now i am a lover of cars, i am also a very big fan of Japan (Japanese cars, jdm etc. the car that got me interested in cars is of course the Nissan Skyline GTR34 hence my love for the above).

Now just a quick brief of what the MCM upload was about, they made an hour long film in which they went to Japan, purchased a car for like $300 and started work on modifications so that they could enter it into a drift day along with others (skylines, evo's, scooby's and various other cars). The car they chose (or the car that chose them for their budget) was a daihatsu mira. Not the most powerful car or the best looking but what got me was the fact that no-one cared! This wasnt a case of "look at my car its got everything it need to make it fast and look cool" it was a case of this is what i have and have put together for me to have some honest fun around a course with others who have the same mindset. 

That is what i love about cars, yes i consider myself to have a nice car (Honda S2000) Moog will agree! Now although i consider myself to have a nice car it is by no means perfect, its needs some tlc here and there, it drinks alot of oil at the moment but i dont care! The car has done 166,000 miles and is still going strong and that is what i love!  ive said on another page:-

"Something happens at around 6000rpm, headers drown out all sound, engine vibration travels at a hearts rate. your field of vision funnels into the scenery and suddenly your not on the road, your in it, your apart of it, the traffic, the trees the other users, are just cardboard cutouts blowing over as you pass them. no other feeling hits you like VTEC and there is no other car that gets you like the S2000. 

Sometimes i forget the rush of that feeling, the rush of becoming one with the road, with the car, feeling the bumps, the gradient the smoothness of its finish. looking into its heart knowing the beast that lays within, knowing it can be tamed and that when you do, the feeling is a rush of adrenaline surging through you, but remembering that on occasion the beast bites back! "

That is what the Daihatsu Mira was all about, the fun and love of getting together with other like minded people and doing what you enjoy doing. 

im going to put the MCM video up in a sec and would just like to add that i do not own the video or the rights or any of that legal mumbo jumbo, i am putting this up because it is an amazing and honest video showing two peoples love of cars and the honesty of what they enjoy.

I hope you enjoy like i did.

Thanks Marty, Thanks Moog. Keep it up.

Paul Walker - a true petrol head!

Well i thought that i would write another post about Paul Walker as its still a shock and with him gone this world has lost a true petrol head. 

I find this very close to me as i too have lost a family member in a car accident and even came close myself to death as a similar thing happened to me (i hit a tree doing about 50-60mph) and walked away from it. 

The video below is the tribute video that was made in Paul's memory which i think is very touching, from the looks of it, it took only a few days to reach nearly 20,000,000 hits which just goes to show that the guy was loved.

Amazing photo of Paul Walker and a rally spec MK1 Escort.

I don't really know what else to put as there are too many emotions going on right now but all i can say is all the best to his family, his friends and everyone else who's heart this guy managed to touch.


Goodbye Paul Walker

R.I.P Paul Walker

Well having just read the tragic news about Paul Walker having been killed in a car crash i must be honest and say that it took a few minutes for it to really sink in. i was speechless and staring into space, i don't know if it was just taking that long for my brain to realise what had happened or if i was trying to convince myself that what i was reading wasn't true. my heart goes out to his family, his friends and those who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Paul walker, best known for his role in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise seemed a genuine guy, never on the news for being in trouble always being helpful and doing many things for charity and on top of that entertaining millions with his movies.

GTR (r35)

GTR (r35)

GTR (R34)

GTR (R34)

Paul Walker known for his love of the nissan skyline (the first car that got me interested in cars when i was very young) the GTR34 mainly as he insisted on using them in the movies and even carried that on later with the GTR (R35). 

Like me the guy loved cars, everything about them their functionality, their power, their beauty, the lot! but he also knew that there were more important things too -

Quote "All that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy, everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae" Paul Walker.

Look after those you care about, those you love because there is no replacing them, cars can be replaced, time and time again - life though, there are no dress rehearsals for life. Live it and enjoy it!

Rest In Peace Paul Walker, you were loved, you were adored and you will be missed!

Semester One Review

Well semester one is half way through now and with the 9am starts somedays it can be a bit tiring by the end of the day but i do get to have an hour or two to have a nap, unfortunately my nap has to be in my car at the end of the car park. 

Handbrake off and into gear then legs over the centre console and a pillow on my headrest. not ideal for someone 6"2 but needs must. Oh and doors locked!

Handbrake off and into gear then legs over the centre console and a pillow on my headrest. not ideal for someone 6"2 but needs must. Oh and doors locked!

The classes so far are going ok, i'm enjoying the car chassis class as i've got some good plans for strengthening it and testing it, the advance mechanics is a tough one but i'm trying to get my head around it all and will see how it goes. 

I'm going to finish here as i've got a few things to do still and i'll be needing some sleep before work tonight as with the christmas rush coming up we are having to do early starts at work.

Night all. 

Just wow! Jaguar F-Type V8S

Below will be a video from the youtube channel "Jay Leno's Garage"  , now im am avid watcher and subscriber to this particular channel as not only do i enjoy Jay Leno's views on cars but i love the guys passion for cars too.

The car itself i think is absolutely stunning, on a side note i have always been myself an Aston Martin fan (i still am, i mean who hasn't dreamt of being James Bond) but in all honesty this new F-Type is beautiful and i would chose it over any current aston martin at the moment.

The below video is all about the new Jaguar F-Type V8S.......enjoy



With just a bit of elbow grease you can change lots!

Whilst browsing youtube, which i do a lot (don't really watch tv much) i came across this video....(its not my video but i just thought it was cool and well this is free advertising for the maker and who doesn't like free advertising). 

I too am in the process of doing this, not that my engine has gone but just because i like to "tinker" with this kind of stuff.  Im looking into refurbishing a Honda S2000 Vtec engine. 

Anyways enjoy the video - i did.

That time of year again....

Well, it is finally September and that means that my second year of university will begin in a few weeks. My timetable seems a bit more relaxed this semester but that is still subject to change, it also shows that i have two 9am starts which will be tough as i don't finish work till 7:30am and with a drive to stoke needed this year it will be close for me to get there on time, i just hope traffic is on my side and to help i'm even going to take the M6 TOLL road which will cost me £5 a day.

On a plus side when i return to uni i'm going to book a slot in the garages and do the following things to my car:-

Complete oil change along with filter. (engine oil as gearbox and diff oil have just been replaced) 

A compression test on my engine to check for any leaks. 

That should be enough for a slot in the garages for the first session. 

Drayson Racing 850 hp Electric Formula E Race Car Testing @ Rockingham

I came across this whilst browsing YouTube. 

It's an electric car that beat the "electric car" land speed record recording a speed of 204.2mph on a 1.86 mile runway at RAF Elvington, Yorkshire. 

The "hypercar" built by british company Drayson Racing is called the Drayson B12 69/EV and is based on lola LMP1 which competes at Le Mans in the 24hr race. 

Now im not one for liking the whole idea of electric cars, dont get me wrong electric cars are most probably the cars of the future   but for now, give me a old fashioned petrol powered V8, V10 or V12 internal combustion engine with a manual gearbox and the choice to take it to the limit! 



A Sad Day for Motor Racing.....R.I.P Allan Simonsen.

Im sure you've heard (or read) about the horrific accident that happend at the Le Mans 24hr race. 

Ten minutes into the race an Aston Martin driven by Allan Simonsen veered of the track and into a barrier killing the driver. Now although i did not know him, one of my lecturers at university did, not only had he met Allan but he also had the pleasure of working with him too and considered him one of the "good guys" in the sport.  

Things like this are of course tragic and show you the dangers of what the sport of motor racing involve, drivers, pit crew, marshalls and many others risk their lives for not only a sport that they love but to entertain the people. 

My thoughts and best wishes go out to his family, close friends and anyone else who had the pleasure of knowing Allan Simonsen. 


Drive safe everyone - cars can be replaced, lives can't. 

69 Boss Mustang! Mario Andretti

the video below i think is amazing!, it makes me miss my 4.7l V8 Mustang GT. Yes my mustang wasn't the fastest or maybe as beautiful as this one but power isn't everything. 

If at some point in my life i could be involved in the making of a car like this, i would die happy 

i do not own the above video or have its distribution rights but i just wanted people to see it.


Well, 2013 has finally arrived. Ive got some good hopes for this year so lets hope they all come to fruition. 

The past few weeks have been very busy, with work and christmas and new years and university assignments but its all for a good cause.

i havent had much time to relax over the past few weeks due to the above reasons but when i have had some time to put my feet up and relax ive been listening to music. 

i came across a good song on youtube and ive found it very relaxing.

More to follow.....

check it out.


the stuff i ordered from Rooster Teeth came today, actually it came yesterday but i was too busy to post up.

On a side note, i've got 1.5 more weeks of uni to go and then semester one is over with